Maker of Kings

A Time for Building

The leaders of Eldarest spent several months dedicated to the rebuilding and expanding of their territories. Their colony now spreads from just north of Oleg’s Crossing to the Tuskwater. A combination of good weather and planning has given the colony of surplus food and plenty of resources of which to expand.

They learned of several individuals who have chosen Stag’s Fall to be their home and are making a reputation for themselves.

  • Lidia Dawnflower – Priestess of Imoadae. While having no formal introductions to the leaders of Eldarest, she is known for her charity and care for the poor and sick. She now the highest ranking priest in the Temple of Iomadae in Stag’s Fall.
  • Phillip Honorward – Half-Orc War Cleric of Gorum. While no official place of worship for Gorum exist in Eldarest, Phillip Honorward has moved his small band of warriors into Stag’s Fall. He is rumored to recruiting for his new order: The Holy Order of the Blade, an order of individuals who aggressively seek out evil outsiders and extinguish them. Some have noted that he seems cold, but him and his warriors have been helpful of those in need.
  • Bliel Caldra – Elderly Gnome Wizard. Not much is known about this Gnome. It is said that he was a house mage for a minor noble house in Brevoy, but the rumors do not agree on which one. He has spent most of his time locked away in his home / workshop. He has been generally open to helping those who come to him for aid.
  • Talia Nowell – Aristocratic Merchant. After a brief misunderstanding with the leaders of Eldarest at the docks, she explained that she had come to Stag’s Rest from her home is Varisa to set up a trading hub for her family in the North. She has offered to help better organize the newly created waterfront district.

After making sure their city was in order, they headed south into Tuskwater river in hopes to explore an island only known as Candlemere. After a run in with a ghost that haunted the deepest parts of Tuskwater Lake, they arrived on Candlemere to find out the tower was inhabited by two Dhampir, Lord Valeren Nighshade and Alora Nightshade. They discussed a possible alliance with the group, and after dinner agreed to let the colony places a settlement on the island. They did explain that a swarm of around 30 Will-o-Whisp haunt the island and care will need to be taken to either deter them from attacking settlers, or they will need to be eradicated entirely.



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